Friday, August 16, 2013

The way the deal went down

Sometimes the mist drifts by like a great whale
other times it’s more like a Martian landing party
at Oxnard Shores
burning oil on the road to the land of the dead

A wind went by just now
it had traveled across the vast Pacific
sprinted over the beach at Cowell’s & up Ocean
            stumbled thru a few palm trees here on
            Wipeout Avenue
                        & continued on out to Donner Pass

future beach front property if the Mayans were right

            Wind rippling thru the venetian blinds
            w/ trouble in mind blues imitating Samoa
                                                while a ghost thing like love
                        tosses shadows like spare change across the
                                    sidewalk outside the Kung Fu Taqueria

representing something that must remain casually unresolved

locked away where the seabreeze goes
when it isn’t here...

            A southwest swell building in overnight          

            I can feel it in my knees

            The dawn’s first light / a match struck
                                                on beach pavement

& then the mist & the silk & the neoprene
w/plumes of adrenalin like gasoline
setting fire to the kelp grove

            in advance of the full-rail cutback

            boiling ocean poppies

            the name of the morning sky