Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Aqua-Man Meets the Mermaid with the Palomino Seahorse Tattoo

Thus it was revealed
Palm trees travel in packs of three
but when the drink hits the fan
in the middle of your
underwater ballet lesson
the resonance is as derivative a consequence
as a ransom note
written in sea-green lipstick

Drizzle.  Splash.  Trickle.  Blink.
I recorded every wing-
                        flap & fin-splash from
Point Sur to Topanga
            with my Yater spoon strumming
                                    the valves & hinges
as your kelp-lit eyes
                        ignited the prevailing haze

Treading Water
The fog is drifting in now the
sidewalk is wet & the air tastes like
            because that’s really what it is
what we are
                        damp & shimmering
in the first light

The Drift
I said I’d give all 7 and a half oceans
to know what you’re thinking
tilted in the fog
like a bikini in the refrigerator
sweating out the last day of summer

After You’ve Gone
Watching wet foot
prints evaporate
on sun
bleached pavement