Monday, December 9, 2013

Nevermind the flying robotic jellyfish

Tell me something I don’t
know & we’ll
let it go at that thinking
as the reflection lays flat

by merely looking up
we may be just that
far gone & described
even the long way round

Sometimes we drift like this
gathering what others have
let fall whispering like a
20 dollar bill across the counter

from one hand to another
if you think that way
the one with the floral design
& secret compartment

a system of ropes and pulleys
with which to orchestrate the
evening tide as we should either
hitch that mule up or turn him

out to pasture rather than haul
it all back to a place that possibly
exists only in the mind
A page torn from one Homeric

hymn deserves another but
you can burn out the clutch that way
speed-shifting from cypress to starfish
& back again

That blue sparkle on the water
looks as though it’s been spot-welded
to a piece of sheet-metal
& it’s a brand new day