Thursday, January 9, 2014


Birth of the Cool
“Be Stoked” says the Dalai Lama
channeling Lao Tzu & Mickey Dora
but the lady on the roof
with the chain around her neck
has a different agenda entirely

Kind of Blue
Merely forgotten we are gathered here today
to peel your shadow off the sidewalk
& wear it around our shoulders like cape
or a wet suit
beneath the warmth of a winter sun

10 a.m.           blue sky         pelicans on the beach

not necessarily the whale song 8-track
nor the alibi
scratched on the back of a bus ticket

What you were saying
a very long breath
& though there is no language for it
even the most secret wave break
has a name

Bitches Brew
Over and over shifting
sand & water [REPEAT].  There
are several ways to get
there but one will bring you back
again.  A wind
rakes the parking lot over-
look.  Wind on Ocean.  It is
as it was.  All new.

Sketches of Spain
The instant (taken)
half love half
crossing so many
times an emblem

as in some of this actually happened

Air and water equal chrome
w/a few minor embellishments
picked up along the way

I won’t meet you here
but somewhere a mango sky describes
to anyone who’ll sit still for it