Friday, June 6, 2014

On the Use of Symbolism in 18th Century French Romantic Poetry

Whistling past the wrecking yard
watching the sun rise through
a beaded curtain
wave pattern carved in stone
septic shock
Spilling coffee on my way
back following the damp foot-
prints of some sea nymph or dakini

"She who walks in the sky"
Assuming you recognized her
from the centerfold in the
King James Bible
which is about as close
as you’re likely to get
The seagreen lipstick a dead giveaway
not to mention the porcelain eyes
Whether you fell or were pushed it’s
the same difference
The first law of gravity is
heavier than the 2nd
–is there a 3rd?
She was a day crossed off the Mayan calendar
& I was staggering across the wet sand
shedding fish scales that
glittered like silver coins in the mist