Friday, August 1, 2014

A Man’s Got to Know His Permutations

The sky is whispering (green) & softly
dusted w/silver haze…
& so the message gets thru     encrypted     like her shoulders
which are bare white miracles darkened by the sun

            & riding the High-Stakes Bodhisattva Blue Cloud Express
            thru all that rippling concrete and asphalt
                        human forms, bird shapes, & fish shadows in
                        extraterrestial bonsai gardens planted in tide pools

                                                rocks strewn along the shore

                                                                        plus two & a half starfish…

Pelican surfing a thermal, stalls, turns, & drops (splash)
a mid-morning snack.

                        No waves. The ocean is asleep. Playing possum.

                       “I couldn’t find my sunglasses
                       & then I did.”

                                 “They were right there where the invisible
                                 skeleton hand left them.”

& so the next day…

endless failing, falling, fading                   walk around outside
in the sun under clouds      cactus, orchid, anemone     sunset/shadow
turquoise & silver (a “get-rich-quick scheme”
                               wrong from the get-go, burned in effigy, prayed to,
                               disemboweled on a stone
                               altar decorated with human teeth, pornographic
                               pictures & votive candles anxiously flickering
                               in little red glass jars
                               strumming the ribs of clouds

Lo que está en mi corazón

                     & Muddy Waters singing “Big Leg Women”
                     just to keep it honest

Polished bronze sky a dark mirror tilting into the sea

Okay, I guess, if taken in the proper dosage

(the proper dosage is always 5 times more than that which is recommended)