Friday, January 1, 2016

The Wrong Goodbye

Fire-breathing dragons, leviathans & Godzillas
emerging from the deep
         along w/something that resembles an
                                                  octopus in a leotard?

The setting sun burns a hole in the dark silk sky

                  a wall of fog drifting in off the water...

you thought it looked like Frida Kahlo descending a staircase
         I thought it looked more like Percy Sledge in a limousine

The cypress sighs
                      a breezy whistle
                                            shadows on pebbled glass

The steep fogmist gave me yet another reason
to double back thru the cuts

                     Ape in the rain at Cuernavaca
                                           versus dice games on the ocean floor

There's no equivalent & no disclaimer

silk & neoprene
                                           variations on a theme

from one slippery mind to another