Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dissolving Pearls in Gasoline

The blue sky sifts down
thru the grillwork haze
to flatten the beach
& the waves kinda
whisper an indifferent
“adios” that just hangs there
somehow unresolved
making my knees ache
with the implied denial
like when you do that
seagull strut across the parking lot
rattling in the 32 chambers
of my heart
& I spent 20 years tracking down that
line in The Cantos
& I drove all the way there
& back in 36 hours
& my eyes were blurry pools of blue
static interrupted by 57 cans of Tecate
confessing the sunset pavement
the ocean dark with the blood of fuchsias
& the day I was born
& the day I found out
& the day my father died