Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Wanna See You Bellydance

Velocity is absolute the
various & the abbreviated
shattering like church windows
just before it rains

the surf like a slow train strumming
diesel strings bent across the spine

as if there was a chance for escape but that’s
another tape measure shot on a scale of one to ten
the way sunlight slaps the wet sand

I want to see it turn the same color as Ensenada
tied to a kicthen chair beneath a
                                                single bare low-watt

                              that has a happy face painted on it

& you’re eaten up by shadows so it’s hard to tell if
you’re there at all
                                                humming softly to yourself
              combing out your eyes
& getting all emotional about the crease in your bourbon

Strange how easy it is & yet you still manage to sweat it out
I mean fold up like the corner of a velvet painting
in a cheap motel