Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Skintight sunset camouflage a tangle of flames at the bottom of the sea, rocks older than the survival instinct seashell madonna surfboard in a bottle

There’s a cool breeze mixing it up in the eucalyptus
trees that line the street
wherever you might be burning the candle tonight
a half-breath away from the bamboo windchime, the
vacant lot behind the taco stand, the walk on the beach at
low tide when you’ve been reborn
a thousand years from now
A northwest swell is on its way bringing waves 2x overhead to the more exposed breaks.   By midday the high tide will slow things down.   The evening low will see reef and seaweed exposed as the sun sets.   Winds light & variable, with a possible offshore breeze in the morning.   Prepare to duck dive as some beaches may be closing out.   Water temp will be a cold 53 degrees.
I could never add as fast as you could subtract
              every ripple on the surface from Steamer Lane
to the beach at Hokkaido
                                                & back again
as it is customary to 180 off the halfpipe
                                                                in another life
this one, for example
              where I stumble across the parking lot
                                                carrying a surfboard & a flashlight
                              in the early morning rain