Wednesday, July 20, 2011

EXCESS SPACE by Christina Fisher

Grace to be born & live as variously as possible (saith Frank O’Hara) & I believe that means as singularly as possible as well.   Which is something Christina Fisher strums in her often ecstatic Excess Space, a terrific new chapbook just published by Micah Ballard & Sunnylyn Thibodeaux as part of their ongoing Lew Gallery series.   Christina’s poems are often awestruck & always carefully turning on a pinpoint pivot that might be a place or a moment or a word or image that catches in a halfbeat what several volumes of metaphysical inquiry can only hope to explain.   These poems run on the smooth rhythm of interlocking gears along with the shiny wrench she throws in here & there just to keep them honest.   The subtelties inherent in her capable attention, the light in the dark & the dark in the light, elicit a rare music.   Excess Space has "Room for everyone".   Check it out at Auguste Press.