Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Limited Edition

Because the rainy season eclipsed the spring
this year, the garden spiders got a late start.
It’s July & the little guys have got their tiny webs
set up all around the yard, perfect concentric
circles, so classic & reassuring.   Last year there was
one garden spider the size of a quarter in the fuchsia
on the side of the house.   A most venerable spider
to be sure.   His web was so hardcore & sturdy I thought
he could snag a hummingbird.   Maybe he did.
But winter locked down & he checked out.
This new crop has got quite a way to go to
attain that kind of majesty.   I note their
progress every morning before I head to the beach.
The garden spider has eight eyes, each of which
glitter like a moonless night at the bottom of the sea.