Friday, December 5, 2014

Channel Nine

Dragons in the clouds
I know how they got there but I can’t tell you

To sink or to swim
it’s an interesting question but I’d just as soon sit back
& see what happens

Nine seagulls in a loose formation flying back to the beach
means the rain will be stopping soon
The sun
light slips
in be-                                      What time is it?
neath the
On, out, & over,
over the edge, & back,
under, I’m just asking, & caving in like the Upanishads on a
Tuesday morning after, not necessarily tangled in seaweed,
the deep white blue haze fades into snake games on the side-
walk, which was to be expected, given the way you said it, I’ll
say, & saying it over again just to make sure I got it right, I
wrote it all down, backwards…
Helicopters were called in to
investigate reports of a floater
out near the end of the jetty