Saturday, May 9, 2020

The Next to Last Tango

The first part opens w/a simple melodic phrase
establishing a theme elaborated upon in the second section
the third part is a duet for clarinet & fuel pump
while the fourth & final section 
takes us on a detour thru a wind tunnel
begging indulgence
                                        without vows or refuge

                    LOVE TRIUMPHANT

                    a roll of the dice

                           such as would secretly engender
                                     a tender sense of desperation

H e a r t  &  S o u l
A silver spoon (blue w/rust), dengue fever, & the legendary
paradox that left you untethered somewhere in the vicinity of the
lesser Antilles

          clouds rearranging themselves 
          in anticipation of the next million dollar idea
                    dimension evoking divinity in hindsight
                              heaven for those who watusi in their sleep

& even if my heart's a boomerang w/yr name on it
I'm pledging my time & fancy footwork