Friday, May 1, 2020

We Were There (Weren't We?)

The notion of knowing. Anything.
Non-negotiable. When the safest thing to do is hide.
Just in case separation was a cure.

I'm just saying.

          The clouds broke apart & the sunlight
                    tilted her halo at a rakish angle.
          She had taught the fish how to swim.
                    Grey whales & the odd crustacean in attendance.

I was probably riding in Bob Witte's Datsun at the time.
          A case of Pabst Blue Ribbon in the back seat.
                    A bag of Thai sticks in the front.

I kept my eyes behind dark glasses
in the vague hope that it would induce invisibility.

It seemed logical to assume
                                                      but logic often eluded me then
as it does now
                             which is how I got here.