Saturday, May 15, 2010

Banzai Run

Air Bubbles
It’s the year 1425, daybreak, at Mount St. Agnes
& you are writing a devotion entitled The Labyrinth of Kindness

Yes, the day is new & shiny like the bathroom fixtures at the
Lava Lounge in West Hollywood where tonight the Blue Hawaiians
tune up for the deeply sedated
                                                snake-dancing across the linoleum to claim
their little packets of salvation, Jim, you know the old song
lest these portentous clouds part

You wear the avalanche & I sport a fashionable swamp disaster

It is monsoon season

Transition Ritual
The coast is clearing
your sorry rainbow bends
& the moment is too full of
tarnished spoons
strange birds
& windswept aimlessness

Night parting the white brick gesture

eucalyptus (a sound)

long silver interludes you empty & reuse on wet Sundays
waiting for the buzz to set in

Banzai Run

listening to Hawaiian Music by
Warne Marsh & Art Pepper circa 1957
in the Tiki Room off Pacific & Windward
Playa del Rey
                              & sippin’ at bells betwixt the nightingale riffs
of El Paradiso (no resistance whatsoever, dig)
& in my head there is this sound as of a basketball
being dribbled across the blacktop on a hot August night in 1969
& the moon was a tambourine
laying a little jingle-jangle upon those who would disregard true emotion