Monday, May 17, 2010

One moves slowly within

From this one diverted & later
the folds that stomp the hollow as if I
knew anything at all
                              meaning or not
wearing my sunglasses backwards
              in faded neon w/surfboard dings

Early fog highlights the otherwise chronic
sky tilted like a concrete slab into the
unquiet sea, up-ended,
so that the day kicks from here no nowhere
in a flash of unreasonable intent

all day sometimes
if only to be the one who looks into your eyes
& lies to you
              glowing in the dark

a dark like silver dissolved in a tidepool

quick tide / ocean eyes

above the he slanted pavement & palm trees
even long after we’ve gone
like the shadow of a wave that has yet to
              as the voice-over in rainy esperanto evaporates
from the iridescent scartissue
of one last kiss