Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Field Guide to Unconsciousness

Be assured there is a ghostly presence
              whatever the hell else is going on
something imaginary & for keeps
rocking the glow-light
                                                & the exposé
lazy (lysergic)
              darker than thou
You claim your ancestors are carved jade
                              (plastic) & oceanic
              but no rain any minute now
The streets all warped in the sun the
darker it gets
              a circle of water on the water
Ventilator Blues, The Upanishads,
                              Thug Life, aka “The Poems”
              you could hear the needle when it hit
& the bells & a seacolored urgency
spilled like blood on the sand
                                                agate, jade, quartz
                              aforesaid by Circe
I cut down the alley
              the eucalyptus leaves knew my name
                              carved in oceanic jade darker than the
plastic debris that lined the beach
                                                Anyway it was summertime
              beyond certain flowers
                                                                & damp
with the light misquoted by broken eyes
                              carved from the ocean haze