Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sleeping on a Dime

...dark blue (& heavy)

went out of business some time during the Pleistocene

playing the Biographia Literaria Blues, part 2
on a seaweed guitar

we could hear it coming from the rusty side of the cypress grove
just me & her
& Blind Willie McTell
                                                                in the shallows
              not far from a secret break I call Tombstones

Dive into the sand & come up with a handful of rain

              there is no center / there are no edges

other nights & days & not much left over
pyramids in back of the ocean
                                                porcelain, concrete, linoleum
                              no longer there

knowing what time it is by the way she turns her head
in the light just so

& the shadow in the rear view mirror is Hollywood
I suppose