Friday, September 17, 2010

Needles on the Beach

1/ Once Steve McQueen gets hold of the 12-gauge pump shotgun in The Getaway all prior theories of prosody turn into a thin brown fluid of some sort.

2/ Dr. Strangelove, on the other hand, should be seen on a double bill with The Manchurian Candidate & the collected poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins.

It might lead to some mirth.

3/ The last time I had mirth it came with an ankle rash.

3a/ Insert here a vision of St. Jude carrying a water pistol & a framed photograph of Pearl Buck.

"I don't know man, my heart got lost in transit."

I read "lonely" ocean when the word was "lovely"
(must be something wrong with my eyes, but then, why not
"lonely ocean"?