Friday, November 21, 2014

We Had a Shared Medical Condition

What it was held up to a patchwork sky
leaning in on the serpentine coast
darker than that god you used to pray to
at every roadside shrine we passed

I decided that you eyes were
like the pigeons of the Holy Ghost
roosting upon the Temple of Ephesus at dawn
or was it the Ventura pier at sunset?

Either way the rustling of wings
took me back to the palm trees of Venice
& the Egyptian labyrinth of alleyways I trekked
every day on my way to the beach

It never ends until it does like breathing
& to crisscross the furious tropic of dreams
I said Tell me EVERYTHING but
please be ambiguous

& the light fell like dust on the pages of our
sworn testimony as a warm breeze rolled
thru the fortune palms